ANDREA - Mod Strip Lash Pair Style #70 Black - 1 Pair of Lashes

Product Description
Strip Lashes are lightweight, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear. Select from 16 various styles, available in selected styles, to compliment your natural beauty.

Package Description: 1 Pair of Lashes

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Number of Servings: ..

100% Human Hair. One Pair of Lashes.
1. Check fit by applying first without adhesive. Grasping the corner of the lash band, gently remove lash from platform. Now hold lash at both ends and flex a few times.
2. Bring lash to eyelid and drape along lid as close to natural lash roots as possible. Press in place. If lash is too long, lift and trim along the outer edge.
3. Remove lashes and apply a thin coating of modlash adhesive with a toothpick along the strip and apply lashes.

Care & Cleaning: Always store lashes on platform. Clean lashes occasionally by brushing with a clean brush and removing adhesive with a tweezer. To restore curl, roll in wax paper around a pencil and secure with a rubber band. Apply eye makeup before or after lashes.
Keep out of reach of children.