AURA CACIA - Essential Oil White Thyme - 0.5 fl. oz. (15 ml)

Product Description
White thyme is the result of a re-distillation of red thyme essential oil. Combine this oil with eucalyptus, tea tree and lavandin in salves and chest rubs.

Processing Notes:
Essential oil is obtained by steam and water distillation of the partially dried above ground plant parts. This is redistilled to give the white thyme oil.

Package Description: 0.5 fl. oz. (15 ml)

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Thymus vulgaris (white thyme) oil.

Purifying Mist:
5 drops white thyme, 5 drops wild chamomile, 8 drops grapefruit, 1 oz water in a mister.
Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Dilute properly; skin irritant. Avoid if pregnant. People with high blood pressure should avoid.

Thyme oil is irritating to the skin and should be used cautiously.