AUROSHIKHA - True To Nature Incense Krishna Musk Floral - 10 g (0.35 oz.)

Product Description
Krishna Musk

True to Nature
Rolled by hand in the traditional way Auroshikha
16 Incense Sticks
10 grams when packed

Floral Musk is an environmentally conscious alternative to the use of musk from the musk deer. It mixes the ambrosial richness of musk with essential oils of patchouli and geranium. Its distinctive odor soothes the nerves and calms the senses. Lit in the late afternoon, this incense dissipates the excitement of the day as its sweet richness spreads through the air.

Package Description: 10 g (0.35 oz.)

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Supplement Facts:

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 /></inline></td>        </tr>        <tr>            <td width= The Auroshikha Difference natural fragrances based upon herbs, flowers and essential oils.
No glue used in incense paste: guaranteed non-toxic, no excess smoke.
Pastes made from sandal, other fragrant woods, barks and charcoal traditional preparation: hand-rolled, never mass produced.
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Set in incense holder and let burn.