BOOKS - Bridge of Hope (The Essiac Story) - 164 Pages

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Canada's Cancer Nurse. For over 55 years Rene Caisse, the nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, stood her ground against the medical establishment. Thousands cliamed she had eased their suffering or ended it entirely and restored them to full health. But time and again the establishment tried to stop her. The reason? Her original herbal formula remedy she would not reveal to them. As long as the cancer industry did not know the formula, it could not outlaw it., nor shelve it, nor test is on mice for thirty years while humans suffered. But they could arrest her and put her in jail. They even made new laws to do so.

Her eloquent response to a half century of opposition was her lifetime mission of healing. Instead of the medical establishment preparing to share her joy, it was setting out to have her arrested. The vast majority of Miss Caisse's patients were brought for her treatment after Surgery, Radium, X-rays, Emplastrums, etc., had failed to be helful, and the patients are pronounced incurable or hopeless cases. Really the progress obtainable adn teh actual results from the "ESSIAC" treatments and the rapidity of repair was absolutely marvelous and must be seen to convincingly confirm belief. 164 Pages, 23 Pictures.

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  • 164 Pages, 23 Pictures.
  • James W Demers
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