CARIB SEA - Coco Soft Fiber Reptile Bedding - 10 Quarts

Product Description
Coco Soft™ Fiber, Small Chip, and Large Chip; the perfect trio!Your best value. Coco Soft™ smells fresh up to 3 times longer than other reptile bedding by eliminating odors naturally, not simply masking them with perfumes or aromatic oils. Coco Soft™ becomes a living substrate that functions like a forest floor ecosystem with up to 20 times the biological activity of other brands. Coco Soft™ begins with fresh 100% organically grown coconut husk, never fermented in saline water. In fact Coco Soft™ has been demonstrated in a major university study to reduce the growth of pathogenic fungi by up to 77%! These same microorganisms quickly reduce organic waste, keeping the enclosure cleaner and smelling fresh, even on a heavy feeding schedule. A cleaner cage means a healthier pet. We make 3 different grades for your convenience.

Package Description: 10 Quarts

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Coco Soft Fiber contains no added salt, and is pH neutral.

Coco Soft is also free of toxic aromatic oils!
Coco Soft Fiber is ideal for arachnids, tortoises, dart frogs and most amphibians.

Can be used wet or dry.

Coco Soft™ may be mixed into organic soil or sand for terrariums and vivariums.

Tip: Coco Soft™ may be safely composted and recycled. It’s great for plants and gardens!
Be sure to check humidity and water supply daily for a healthy, happy reptile.