COASTAL - Remington Rope Slip Lead Green/White - 5/8" x 6 Feet

Product Description
Made of soft, braided nylon, this sturdy, pliable SLIP COLLAR LEASH and SNAP LEASH is available in green and green/white checked with leather trim. The flexibility of Remington rope leashes makes them easy to fold for carrying or storage. The slip collar style leash, recommended by trainers, allows for quick, yet gentle correction and has a leather slide that adjusts the collar to fit any size neck. The slip leash is a great tool for field trials and crate transfer.

Package Description: 5/8” x 6 Feet

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: Made of soft, braided nylon.

Perfect for a day out in the field or a walk in the park.