EARTH SOLUTIONS - Aromatherapy Room Diffuser ScentBall - 1 Diffuser

Product Description
ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers enable you to enjoy beautiful, natural fresh fragrances, safely and with minimal effort.
Before ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers were launched, the only known affordable electric room fresheners were made with artificial fragrances. The ScentBall was itself, once a bug repellent diffuser and is now an natural air freshener. To provide consumers the option of selecting their own natural essential oils, Earth Solutions expanded the consumer choice from chemical fragrance air fresheners to a naturally derived plant extract - plug in wall aromatherapy diffusers.
Add 10-20 drops of oil to the refill pad and insert it onto the warming element on the one of your ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers and plug into any outlet. Aromatherapy scents will begin to diffuse within 5 minutes.
Add essential oils as often as desired. ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffusers pads are reusable and each diffuser includes 5 extra long pads, ideal for large spaces.

Package Description: 1 Diffuser

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: Includes 5 natural fiber diffuser pads.
Simply apply 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of oils on the reusable pad and insert into the Diffuser. Plug in the Diffuser in and within minutes you will begin to experience the benefits of your chosen oil. A refill pad may be used until it hardens and/or discolors
  • Keep pads away from children and pets.
  • Do not cover the diffuser when in use.
  • Do not handle with wet hands.
  • Do not store in damp place.