GILLETTE - Mach3 Disposable Razors Sensitive - 3 Razors

Product Description
Protective Microfins help avoid nicks and cuts
  • More Lubricants Released*
  • 3 blades
  • Pivoting head
  • Spring Mounted Blades
This 3-count Gillette disposable razor is designed to make shaving a comfortable experience by delivering a three-bladed system that offers less irritation, even on sensitive skin. This innovation features a collection of technologies aimed at improving the look and feel of just-shaved skin. The 3-blade razor has an enhanced Lubastrip that adds a touch of aloe with natural oils to deliver soothing moisture during and after shaving. Its front pivoting head navigates the contours of your face for a smooth, close shave. The 3-count Gillette disposable razor is designed with spring-mounted blades that adjust according to the pressure you apply while shaving.
  • 3 progressively aligned blades for every stroke you take, it takes 3
  • Comfort Guard with 5 Microfins helps protect your skin from nicks
  • Lubrastrip provides lubricating power with natural oils

Features & Benefits:
3 Progressively Aligned BladesFor every stroke you take, it takes 3. Fewer strokes means less irritation.
Patented DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) Coated BladesFor strong, sharp blades that cut close.
Open Architecture SystemMakes blades easy to rinse.
LubrastripProvides nice, smooth glide.
Protective MicrofinsHelp avoid nicks and cuts during the shave.

Package Description: 3 Razors

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Contains: 3 progressively aligned blades, Comfort Guard with 5 Microfins, Lubrastrip.
Use as usual.
Keep out of reach of children.