HURON - Doggie Dooley Waste System Digester - 16 oz. (454 g)

Product Description
The Doggie Dooley Digester is a mixture of harmless bacteria and enzymes designed specifically to liquify dog stools when mixed with warm water. The liquified stools will then leach into the soil beneath the Doggie Dooley, creating a miniature leach bed or septic tank for dog waste.

Package Description: 16 oz. (454 g)

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Ingredients: The mixture of harmless bacteria and enzymes.
Each tablespoon of powder contains billion soft patented bacterial and enzyme cultures that double every 20 to 30 minutes when activated. Once each week, add 1 measuring table spoon scoop per dog. Be certain that the powder becomes wet by adding water to the Doggie Dooley or by mixing powder into water when adding. Each pound contains approximately 52 tablespoons. One pound is approximately a one year's supply per dogs.
Store with air tight lid on container to preserve shelf like for up to 5 years.