REACH - Waxed Dental Floss Unflavored - 55 Yard (50.2 m)

Product Description
Johnson + Johnson REACH Unflavored Waxed Floss comes in a convenient case to easily distribute the perfect length and keep the remaining clean and fresh. Waxed floss slides more easily to remove more plaque between teeth.

Package Description: 55 Yard (50.2 m)

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  • Unflavored waxed dental floss
  • 55 yards long
  • Helps remove plaque

Flossing is easy with the proper technique.

  • Wind an 18-inch piece of floss around your middle fingers, leaving about 4 inches of floss between them.
  • Grasp floss firmly between thumb and index finger of each hand. Gently slide floss between teeth, using a slow sawing motion to slip between tight teeth.
  • Move floss up and down against tooth to clean both above and below the gum line, curving the floss around the tooth for best results.
  • Repeat cleaning procedure for each tooth. Every few teeth, move to a clean piece of floss by unwinding floss from one finger and rewinding it onto the other finger.