KING BIO - Children's Growth & Devel. - 2 oz

Product Description
To maximize children s growth potential and enhance development. 
Stimulates the body s ability to digest, absorb and use food for maximum growth and development. 

Package Description: 2 oz

Serving Size: ...

Number of Servings: ...

Alfalfa · Avena Sativa · Baryta Carbonica · Baryta Iodata · Baryta Muriatica · Calcarea Carbonica · Calcarea Fluorica · Calcarea Phosphorica · Lycopodium Clavatum · Thuja Occidentalis. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and LM1 potencies in a pure water base.
Before initial dose, depress pump spray 4-5 times to prime. Hold King Bio's medically metered pump spray right up to your lips very close to mouth and spray one dose under your tongue.