LEE'S - Discard A Stone Air Diffusers Coarse - 2 Pack

Product Description
  • Discard-A-Stones are disposable air diffusers with reusable inserts for attaching airline.
  • They are an excellent aeration device for use in under gravel filters, corner filters or just as decorations.

Package Description: 2 Pack

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    Disposable air diffusers for creating a world of bubbles in your aquarium
  • Excellent to increase aeration
  • Bubbles add an element of depth, motion and beauty
  • Includes reusable adapters for attaching to airline
Insert the adapter into the Discard-A-Stone.
Replace the diffuser when bubbles start to decrease.
To get small bubbles and better diffuser action, follow these steps when installing a new air diffuser:
    Disconnect air feed line from pump.
  • Put a new diffuser on the airline nipple.
  • Drop the diffuser into a glass of fresh water.
  • Suck about ten inches of water from the glass into the airline slowly and then expel it by blowing air into the line.
  • Repeat this operation five times.
The air diffuser is now ready to use. Reconnect the airline to the pump and place the diffuser to your aquarium.