MILLERS FORGE - Self Cleaning Pin Brush - 1 Brush

Product Description
Top quality slicker brush with soft pad and stainless steel pins. Specially engineered top flips back to easily remove dead hair from pins after brushing. After brushing your pets coat, pull up tab to unlock the brush face and the hair will come out of the brush! Snap the brush face back in place and brush again. The comfort grip handle and stainless steel pins provide excellent grooming results with minimal effort.

Package Description: 1 Brush

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: Soft stainless steel pins.

  • To clean brush, position the lever out straight and then pull to retract the pins and remove loose, dead hair.
  • Storage position is with pins pulled in and lever folded back.
  • For brushing, fold the lever out and push in; the pins come out.