MOTIONEAZE - Sickness Relief All-Natural Topical Liquid - 2.5 ml

Product Description
MotionEaze is an incredibly effective all-natural motion sickness treatment. Whether you want to prevent occasional motion sickness or stop the symptoms after the fact, MotionEaze does the job. No matter if it's sea sickness, car sickness, air sickness or any other activity where motion poses a problem, MotionEaze really works. The symptoms of motion sickness begin in the inner ear. When MotionEaze oil is applied just behind each ear lobe, the oil is absorbed through the skin and the active ingredients travel to, and calm, the inner ear. In turn, this relieves the symptoms. No pills to take. When you are nauseous, the last thing you want to do is put something in your stomach-even a pill. MotionEaze is an oil that is applied to the skin just behind the ear. It's perfect for children that have problems taking pills.

Package Description: 1/8 fl. oz. (3.7 ml)

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  • 100% natural motion sickness treatment
  • Relieves motion sickness fast
  • Non-drowsy
  • Safe for kids; No pills or side effects
  • 20 applications
It's perfect for children that have problems taking pills.