NATURE ZONE - Aquatic Turtle Bites - 9 oz.

Product Description
A soft, moist food flavored with real Icelandic Pollock. This ready to eat food is high in protein, calcium,and essential nutrients. It is has the aroma and flavor of real fish which aquatic turtles find irresistable.

Package Description: 9 oz.

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Ingredients or Materials: The BITES are made with natural ingredients (Fish, Egg, etc) fortified with minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc), vitamins (Vit D,C,B1,6,12, etc), protein (whey protein, soy protein & milk solids), and nutriceuticals (spirulina, yucca schnidegeri, wheat germ, etc) which offer a balance of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and moisture for the animal.