NUMI - Chamomile Lemon Teasans - 18 bag

Product Description

Numi Organic Caffeine Free Chamomile Lemon Herbal Teasan Tea (formerly Sweet Meadows Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea) contains sweet flower and tart lemon myrtle leaves. Numi combines fine Egyptian chamomile blossoms with Australian lemon myrtle leaves for a sweet organic brew that imparts a lingering calm with citrus murmurings.

  • Full leaf teas ensure smooth, soothing flavors that nurture your health.
  • 100% real fruits, flowers and spices create authentic, natural taste.
  • No added oils or "natural" flavorings to create flavor.
  • Conscientiously creating partnerships that improve the quality of life from farmer to packer.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: 85% post-consumer waste printed with soy based inks and biodegradable tea bags. 

Package Description: 18 bag

Serving Size: ...

Number of Servings: ...

Fair Trade Certified organic Chamomile, organic Lemon Myrtle.

All tea is glute-free.

Steep 2 teabags of your choice of Numi Tea in a heat resistant glass/cup in 8 oz. hot water for 5 minutes.
Fill separate glass with ice. Pour hot tea over ice and top off with more ice. Enjoy!