POWERBAR - Gel Chocolate with Caffeine - 24 Packs

Product Description
Refuel with POWERBAR® Gel, featuring C2 MAX - optimized carbohydrate blend. During strenuous exercise the body burns carbs and loses key electrolytes through sweat. POWERBAR® Gel replenishes and restores those nutrients to help maintain peak performance. Its convenient package can be easily carried and is great for when you don’t have easy access to your sport drink, such as during a long training run.

• C2 MAX higher-octane carb blend
• Speeds more energy to muscles
• All the electrolytes of a sport drink
• 4X the sodium of leading competitors
• Chocolate, Box of 24

Package Description: 24 Packs

Serving Size: 1 Package

Number of Servings: 24

Serving Size: 1 Package
Servings per container: 24
Ingredients: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 110
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 45mg 2%
Potassium 45mg 1%
Total Carbs 26g 9%
Sugars 6g
Protein 0g
Vitamin C 15%
Vitamin E 15%
Chloride 2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
** Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, filtered water, fructose and less than 2% of; natural flavor, citric acid, powerbar, amino acid blend (leucine, valine, isoleucine), potassium chloride, chloride, salt, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate (to retard spoilage), antioxidant vitamin c and e.

Note: The ingredients vary slightly between flavors. The Double Latte flavor has 50mg of caffeine. Also, both the Double Latte and Plain flavors have 4 times the regular amount of sodium for increaed electrolyte retention.

For immediate energy, consume with H2O every 30-45 minutes during activity.
For the best use, POWERBAR GEL should be kept between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. No need to refrigerate.