PRESERVE - Triple Blade Replacement Razor Blades - 6 x 4 Blade Cartridges

Product Description
The titanium-covered replacement blades for the Preserve Triple Razor couldn't be simpler to use. Just squeeze the arms of the Razor handle, pop off the old blade cartridge, and then press in a new one. The combination of the three blades produces a closer shave, while the lubrication strip makes for a much kinder, gentler experience.

Unlike all other Preserve products which are made in the USA, our razor blades are assembled in Mexico.


  • For men and women
  • Titanium coat for performance
  • Lubrication strip for comfort
  • Available wherever Triple Razors are sold
  • Use with Preserve Triple, Gillette Sensor and Personna Acti-Flex
  • Sold in packs of four

Package Description: 6 x 4 Cartridges

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: 100% recycled paperboard 25% post-consumer waste.
Use with Preserve Triple, Gillette Sensor and Personna Acti-Flex.
Keep out of reach of children.