REBEL - Frog-R Lures 5/16-Ounce Leopard Frog - 2 3/8-Inch

Product Description

Kiss this frog and it turns into a big sack of fish. The ultimate topwater lure would look just like what fish love to eat and have an action that drives them wild, and Frog-R has both. Its super-realistic look means that you can work it fast or slow-many strikes indeed come while the lure is at rest. Work the rod tip in a twitch-twitch-twitch rhythm and the Frog-R walks across the water in a classic Spook walk-the-dog motion, proven to be one of the most effective actions on many species of game fish.

Walk the Dog with a Frog

The Rebel Frog-R combines one of bass's favorite foods with one of bass fishing's most effective techniques, the frog and walk-the-dog retrieve. Walk the dog with a super realistic Frog-R.

Package Description: 2 3/8-Inch

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

  • Ultimate topwater lure
  • Super-realistic look
  • Target species of all species of bass and panfish
  • Works on a fast or slow retreive
  • Available in a variety of lifelike colors

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