REVLON - Manicure To Go Kit - 4 Pieces

Product Description
The Revlon Manicure Kit allows you to enjoy neatly groomed nails almost any time. This travel manicure kit includes a nail clipper with curved blades for easy trimming and a compact emery file for shaping and smoothing away any snags. It also has a dual-ended cuticle trimmer to help keep cuticles under control. You also receive an attractive nylon case with this nail manicure kit, so you can carry and store the contents with ease. The Revlon Manicure Kit is a wise choice for travel or to keep in your purse or at your office for your on-the-go nail grooming needs. The kit also features a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, so you can be confident you're purchasing a quality nail care set. This travel manicure kit provides all the essential nail care tools that you'll need in one kit, so you can keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful everywhere you go.

Package Description: 4 Pieces

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  • Nail manicure kit
  • Includes nail clipper, emery file and dual-ended cuticle trimmer
  • Includes nylon carrying case for easy storage
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Ideal for travel
  • Expert Tips:

    To Trim Cuticles:
    Push Cuticles Back With Cuticle Trimmer's Contoured End. Then Glide Metal End, With V-Tip Facing Up, Along Cuticle Edge For A Clean Finish.
    To Trim Nails: Using Nail Clip, Trim from Each Side of The Nail Toward The Center. Do Not Cut Below The Natural Nail Line As This May Cause Discomfort.
    To Shape Nails: Start With Compact Emery File's Shaping Side to Shape Nails. Use Finishing Side to Smooth Nail Edge. to Help Prevent Splitting, File In One Direction Only.
    To Buff Nails: Remove All Nail Enamel Before Buffing. With The White Surface, Buff Vigorously Across The Nail Until Stains and Ridges Are Removed.

    Continue Buffing With Lavender Surface to Prepare Nails For The Final Stage. Using The Dark Grey Side, Finish to A Brilliant Shine.