ROBOWORM - 6" Straight Tail Worm Bait - 10 Pack

Product Description
Roboworm’s Straight Tail Worm is a terrific finesse bait when tough, crowded conditions are present. Super sensitive, these baits give a ton of action with the slightest movement. Straight Tail worms incorporate Robo’s Salt Release System- which makes them heavier when you start fishing, and lets you know when the salt is running out and it’s time to change worms. The Salt release system also gives a burst of salt when a fish strikes- which makes them hold on longer-for a better hook up.

Package Description: 10 Pack

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  • Roboworms are the most consistant poured baits on the market.
  • Roboworm plastics utilize the "Salt Release System"- You know when the salt has left the lure.
  • The Classic Finesse bait made popular by West Coast Pro's.