SHERPA PET - Original Deluxe Carrier Black - Small

Product Description
All Sherpa original deluxe carriers include:
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Top and side entry
  • A convenient shoulder strop.
These comfortable, stylish bags are approved for use on major airlines. Small and medium sizes fit under most airline seats. (Large - check with airline).

Package Description: Small: 16L x 10W x 8.5H inches

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Small - for pets up to 8 lbs.
Dimensions: 15" x 10" x 8.5", Carrier Weight 2.7 lbs.

Your pet must fit underneath the seat in front of you when traveling by plane. Underseat dimensions will vary. Check with airline prior to departure. When traveling with the Sherpa Roll-Up, provide proper ventilation for your pet. Do not leave all flaps down.
How to Select the Proper Size Sherpa BagThe measurements are very important for your pet's safe, comfortable travel.
Length: from the nape of the neck (where the collar falls) to base of the tail.
Height: from the floor to the shoulder.
Weight: Sherpa, the company's namesake lhasa apso, travels in the medium size bag. She is 16" long from the nape of her neck to the base of her tail, 10" high at the shoulder. She weighs 15 lbs.
Your Pet's SizeUp to 13" long x 8" high & 6 lbs.: Small Sherpa BagUp to 16" long x 10" high & 16 lbs.: Medium Sherpa BagUp to 18" long x 11" high & 22 lbs.: Large Sherpa Bag
Travel Tips for Sherpa Bags
Train and familiarize your pet with The Sherpa Bag: Before your trip, leave the bag open with a favorite toy or treat inside. Allow your pet to wander in and out of the bag, praising and rewarding it for doing so. Carry your pet around in the bag so it becomes accustomed to its new environment and will associate the bag with a pleasant experience. The more pleasant and relaxed it becomes with the bag at home, the less anxiety you both will have when traveling. The bag will become your pet's personal den. Patience is the key. Never leave your pet alone in a zipped-up bag.
Plan Ahead: When you make your airline reservation, be sure to make one for your pet--at the same time. Do this as early as possible. Only a limited number of pets can be transported on each flight, and this number varies according to airline and aircraft type. Airlines charge a small fee for pets that travel in the cabin.
Airline Restrictions: Ask when making your reservations if there are special policies regarding pets in-cabin. Rules, regulations, and charges vary from airline to airline, so always check first. Dimensions of pet carriers quoted are for hard carriers and do not apply to Sherpa Bags, which are soft-sided and flexible. What is important is the size of your animal. The pet must be able to fit comfortably under the seat in front of you, and have room to stand up and turn around in the bag. (Don't you wish you could do that in your airline seat?)
Absorbent Liners: Airlines insist on them. Sherpa Bags have liners, or you can use a towel. Take extra towels if your pet gets motion sickness, and disposable pads would be helpful. Always keep a clean liner in The Sherpa Bag. Easily washed, liners make the trip more comfortable.
Health Certificate: There is a zippered pocket on The Sherpa Bag designed to hold a recent (within seven to ten days) health certificate from your veterinarian. The statement must include current inoculations. It is essential that you have this certificate when flying and for entering some states in an automobile.
Provisions: You can carry an accessory pouch attached to the Sherpa Bag. The pouch can contain your pet's current favorite toy, grooming supplies, plastic bags, as well as a leak-proof water bottle and a small amount of dry food and treats. The water and food will be needed after your pet gets off the airplane, and the supplies will be handy when traveling by auto. You may prefer to carry a Sherpa Organizer for the same purpose.
Feeding: Feed your pet lightly when traveling. To prevent airsickness, no food should be offered within six hours of departure, and no water within two hours of flight time. An ice cube during the trip will provide refreshment and entertainment.
Walk Your Fellow Traveler: Before entering the terminal, take your dog for a stroll, but away from the entrance and other travelers. One of those plastic bags in your Accessory Pouch will come in handy for pick-up and proper disposal. If you forgot to bring a leash, use the strap from The Sherpa Bag.
Keep Your Pet in the Bag: Your animal should not be let out of the bag, from the time you enter the terminal until you exit the terminal at your destination. This is a training issue and is in your pet's best interest. Inserting your hand and stroking during the flight will be soothing, but make sure the pet's leash is attached to the safety ring inside the bag. Watch the zippers--keep them both pulled to one end to prevent your pet sneaking out.
Keep a Low Profile: Being allowed on board an aircraft is a privilege and there are passengers who surprisingly do not like pets. The Sherpa Bag is designed to not call attention to the fact that you are carrying a pet. We've worked hard for this privilege so let's be considerate of our fellow travelers and not attract attention.
Safety is Sherpa's Bag: Practice safety. Always make sure your pet has an identification tag on its collar, and use the leash ring. Practice safety in the automobile, also. Place The Sherpa Bag in the middle of the back seat, lengthwise. Hook the seat belt through the strap and tighten it. If The Sherpa Bag is on the end of the seat, put the car's shoulder belt through the strap.
Quality Products: In the air or on the road, Sherpa products stand for quality. Sherpa continuously improves them with the latest design innovations to assure safety and comfort for your traveling Very Important Pet (VIP).
All Sherpa products are manufactured to the highest standards. Care must be exercised with any product used by an animal. No promise or legal obligation is made or implied with regard to improper use of a product or the destruction of a product by an animal. Never leave an animal alone or unattended in a Sherpa Bag. Training is a key component of travel with a Sherpa Bag. All features are offered to make The Sherpa Bag more useful, but nothing is animal-proof.


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