SUNCOAT - Natural Nail Salon Kit Little Mermaid - 1 Kit (4 Pieces)

Product Description

We believe nail art is the most fun part of makeup and beauty-it’s as much fashion as the outfit you choose but full of so much possibility.

This everything for nail kit is ideal for a “nail salon day” or birthday gift. The award winning, odourless natural nail polishes, along with the cute nail decals, deliver fun, nail beauty and safety that children and parents can feel good about.

Nail polishes:
Mermaid Blue nail polish: deep blue with lime green shimmers. A cute “peacock-blue” finish.
Princess Dress nail polish: a rich purple shimmery colour. Excellent coverage.
Clear Gloss: specially formulated crystal clear top coat to give your fun and creative nailart a glossy, professional finish.

Package Description: 1 Kit (4 Pieces)

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: Water, polyurethane, acrylic copolymer mica, titanium dioxide, carmine.

Contents: 2 pcs water-based polish0(8ml/0.27 oz/each, 1 page nail decals and a nail file.
  • Non toxic chemical fumes
  • 100% VOC (chemical solvent) free formulas.
  • Durable: lasts for many days!
Add 1-2 drops of water when the nail polish is too thick. Apply 2-3 thin layers, allow drying between coats. To change colour: soak nail in warm water for 2-3 minutes, peel off the nail polish from one corner.
  • Nail polish remover is not needed
  • Easy to change colour: peels offf when ready
  • Odourless, eater-based peelable formulas
  • Will not stain nails. No Yellowing.
Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3yrs.