TETRA - TetraFauna Decorative ReptoFilter -

Product Description

The Tetrafauna® Decorative Repto Filter allows you to instantly create a beautiful waterfall and basking area for newts, frogs,and turtles in any aquarium from up to 55 gallons. Available in three designs - RiverRock, Sandstone, and Woodlands.

Features include integrated three stage Whisper® filtration, which use easily replaceable medium ReptoFilter® cartridges, keeping water clear and odor free. Large intake holes prevent clogging. Cover keeps animals out of the filtration area and provides an ideal basking area. Realistic rock décor with waterfall. Includes Tetra Care with free assistance with setting up and maintaining your aquatic terrarium.

Package Description: Up to 55 gal

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: Resins Plastic And Small Electric Pump Up To 55 Gallons. 90 Gallons Per Hour.
10 Tips for Terrific Terrariums:
    To create a shallow water area, use a pre-formed reptile pool, or make your own from a plastic plant pot
  • For larger bodies of water, separate the land mass with a strip of glass or plastic.

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